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Winter is Coming! Pocatello Heater Repair

Like it or not winter is on its way and here in Pocatello you can’t afford to let your heating systems stay low. As the weather gets colder without that added heat the pipes in our homes will start to freeze.

If your heater is in need of repair we highly recommend that you hire a licensed professional to diagnose and treat any problems that your heating system may be having.  The professionals at Aire Force One can save you money by quickly locating all of your heater’s issues. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty you can utilize this basic guide to help fix any minor issues like a faulty thermostat or dead batteries.

Regular and routine maintenance can keep your heating system from needing repair for the entire winter season in Pocatello. Our professionals can spot any potential problems and failures before they can become disasters. They can also give you advise on needed resources and the decision making process regarding the health and safety of your heaters.

What should you do if your heating system decides to take a vacation this winter? First, you will need to pinpoint the issue your heating system is suffering from. What is the most immediate problem?

Are you Suffering from:

Partial loss of heat? If your heaters are keeping your house moderately warm and runs all day, your problem might be an air flow issue. Air flow issues occur in the duct work and in restriction from air filters or fan motors. Your heaters may even be overheating because there is one or more restriction in the air flow causing intermittent operation.

Total loss of heat? When you turn your heaters on are you getting cold air? Or no air at all? If you feel cold air this may be the result of a couple of issues. Start by checking your fuel supply and your electrical systems.

Perform These Quick Checks:

Heating System Thermostat

Erratic and intermittent temperature issues are usually the result in a thermostat malfunction. Installing new batteries may resolve this issue. Make sure you turn the power to your heating system off at the main electrical panel before you replace your batteries. If you pull your thermostat off and notice that batteries are not included, you may have low voltage power coming from your furnace. Put your thermostat back together and look for your electrical system.

Older thermostats may be manually calibrated, if your thermostat falls into this category, contact Aire Force Once and we will send over a professional to provide this service. You may want to consider replacing your old thermostats with a newer model.

Bonus Tip!

While you’re installing new batteries in your thermostat take a moment to check your smoke and CO detector batteries as well!

WARNING: Do not attempt to fix your heating system if your breaker trips immediately after turning it back on! Call the professionals at Aire Force One in Pocatello immediately!

If you are in need of some heater repair services in Pocatello look no further! Stay warm this winter!