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pocatello plumber checklist

Prepare Your Pocatello Plumbing For Spring Checklist

It’s April and spring cleaning time! While you’re preparing for the spring and summer weather, don’t forget about your plumbing. The weather in Pocatello, ID, can be brutal during the winter months and the snow and freezing cold temperatures can do a lot of damage to pipes & hoses. For your convenience, we have put […]

Pocatello electricians

Annual A/C Inspections

Saving yourself time and money with A/C costs starts with routine inspections and maintenance of your A/C unit by a licensed HVAC professional. Scheduling an annual inspection and maintenance check can drastically reduce your cooling costs every month and keep your A/C unit healthy for a longer period of time. It’s always a good idea […]

furnace repair pocatello

Dangers of Furnace Repair

Furnaces can be very dangerous and you should know when to call a professional like Barlows Aire Force One in Pocatello to do a professional furnace repair. A bad furnace could lead to carbon monoxide which is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless toxic gas that can be fatal. There are certain signs that your furnace […]

pocatello electrician

Electricians Advice: Preventing Electrical Fires

Most fires that start in the home are from small accidental causes, most of them can be placed in the “I should have known better” category. Most home fires can be prevented with simple steps, this year, why don’t we put a stop to bad electrical habits. The electricians at Barlows Aire Force One know […]

plumbers pocatello

Utility Bills: Saving Money this Winter

October is here and for many of us in Pocatello that means colder temperatures, snow covered yards, frosty windows, and riskier driving conditions. The colder temperatures of winter also have an effect on our utility bills. Paying attention to certain aspects of our home systems, like our household plumbing, can help us save money during […]

plumbing disaster

Plumbing Planning: Summer Vacation

Its summer and it’s the perfect time to plan that family vacation that you have been dreaming about for months now! While planning your trip outside of Pocatello you probably have a to-do list of tasks that need to be done to prepare your home for your absence. Stopping the mail and reprograming the thermostat […]

Cutting Your Power Bill in Half

Owner of Barlows Aire Force One, Wayne Barlow, speaks with a KIFI news local reporter about what you can do to cut your power bill in half. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Air Conditioning Frozen Up

  Now that the temperatures have dropped in Pocatello, here are some useful tips to help prepare your AC unit for the winter weather. When the temperature starts dropping, check your AC unit frequently to make sure ice has not built up on your system. If you leave ice built up on your AC unit, […]

Winter is Coming! Pocatello Heater Repair

Like it or not winter is on its way and here in Pocatello you can’t afford to let your heating systems stay low. As the weather gets colder without that added heat the pipes in our homes will start to freeze. If your heater is in need of repair we highly recommend that you hire […]

3 Reasons to Inspect your Furnace Before Fall

Fall is quickly approaching and before we know it we’ll be drinking hot chocolate, eating pumpkin pie, and buying more pairs of gloves and coats than imaginable. In order to prepare for this wonderful season, it’s important to think about your home. Usually overlooked in typical fall preparations are furnaces. However, furnaces are critical to […]