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Air Conditioning Frozen Up


HVAC specialist Pocatello Now that the temperatures have dropped in Pocatello, here are some useful tips to help prepare your AC unit for the winter weather. When the temperature starts dropping, check your AC unit frequently to make sure ice has not built up on your system. If you leave ice built up on your AC unit, you could end up with permanent damage and might have to replace your AC unit. With years of experience, our heating and cooling service at Barlow’s Aire Force One, can help your Pocatello home with your frozen air conditioner and let you know what you should do if this happens to your AC unit.

Frozen AC Unit – What to look for

The most common time to see ice or frost on your AC unit is usually when the air conditioner is running. The most common places to see ice or frost are on the lines going to and from your AC unit. When the gas expands and the pressure goes down, it will cool anything around it. Having ice appear on your air conditioner is not uncommon, and it does not mean that your AC unit is permanently damaged or broken. However, if this does happen, you should contact an HVAC contractor. If your AC system isn’t moving as much air as it should or needs to, this may lead to having your system be chilled. If the airflow is restricted, the cold air will stay in the unit causing the temperature to drop in your AC unit. If this happens, you could risk having frozen parts in your AC system.

AC Frozen Up?

If you realize your AC unit has frozen up, you should first turn off the air conditioning. This will help prevent any more damage from happening. Always check to see if your filters are dirty or clogged up and check to make sure all your vents in your home are open. These simple steps might end up solving your problem. However, if you notice your AC system freezing frequently, you should have your ducts cleaned out by a professional.

If you leave your system iced over a lot and never go out to check on it, you could risk having permanent damage to your unit. Getting a recharge or a tune-up is a lot cheaper than having a new air conditioner replaced in your Pocatello home.

Get Help with HVAC Issues

You should always give your HVAC contractor a call if you happen to notice frost or ice on your AC unit. An HVAC pro can notice if your unit has dirty filters, vents in your home closed, a dirty evaporator coil, blocked return grills, or if mechanical parts need to be replaced. A good sign should be that if your air conditioner is working properly, then you should not have it freeze up or have ice build up on it. Barlow’s Aire Force One can diagnose the issue and let you know what is exactly wrong with your AC unit and help get your AC going again properly.