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4 Tips for an Efficient Heater

Southeast Idaho isn’t a stranger to cold winter weather and there is nothing more frustrating than a malfunctioning heater during the winter season. Because our daily activities are primarily focused inside, we need our heater to work efficiently and effectively. Failure to properly maintain your heating equipment can cause tremendous stress and inconveniences.  The National Fire Protection Association reported, “Heating equipment fires accounted for 16% of all reported home fires in 2009-2013.” The Federal Emergency Management Agency also reported, “During the winter, heating fires jump to 27% of structure fires.” And the leading contributing factor related to home heating fires was due to lack of cleaning.

You can save yourself from the hassle and threat of a house fire by following these 4 tips to prepare your home for the winter.

Pre-winter Test Run

As the weather continues to cool, it’s recommended to test your furnace by turning it on to make sure that it’s running prior to the winter season. You don’t want to wait till you need the furnace to realize that it isn’t working properly. During this test, you will want to adjust the thermostat from air conditioning to heat. If you have a high-efficiency thermostat, you should be able to set the time(s) of day you want the heater to run to maintain your desired temperature.

 pocatello furnace repairAnnual Furnace Inspection

After months of your furnace sitting unused, dust and debris build up can cause your furnace to clog and work improperly. If left unattended the threat of a fire grows ever more likely. During an annual inspection and cleaning, an inspector will go through a series of processes to verify your furnace pressure is accurate and discover if there are any leaks, rust or misalignments that need to be repaired. Scheduling a cleaning and inspection early can save you time, money and hassle down the road.

Replace Air Filters

Depending on the use and the amount of dust, pet dander and allergens in your home will depend on how often you should change your air filters. It’s recommended to replace your filters every one to three months to reduce debris build up. Additionally, make sure all heating vents and return registers are unobstructed. Blocked vents don’t allow air flow, and can also cause your heater to work overtime and over heat. An overworked heating system can cause inefficiency, resulting in needed repairs and a shortened lifespan of your heating system.

 Seal Windows and Doorways

If you have leaky windows and doors, hot air will escape through these cracks. Preparing your home by sealing window panes and door frames with silicone caulking or rubber weather stripping can save you from an expensive energy bill.

 By planning ahead and scheduling our licensed technicians to inspect your heating system early, we can save you time and money. The contractors at Barlows Aire Force One have the knowledge and tools to clean, inspect and repair your heating systems to make sure it runs effectively and efficiently, just when you need it to.

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